Building/Planning/Zoning/Official Plan

Building & Plumbing Permits

The County of Lambton issues all building, plumbing and sanitary septic permits for the municipality.

Building permit application forms are available either at the municipal office or by contacting the Planning and Development Department at the County of Lambton at:

County of Lambton
789 Broadway Street, Box 3000,
Wyoming, Ontario  N0N 1T0

Telephone: 519-845-0801
Toll free: 1-866-324-6912
Fax: 1-519-845-3817

Manager, Corrine Nauta

Enniskillen Building Inspector, Nicole Coles  519-845-5420 or email:

Link for building/plumbing application form:  Bldg Plbg Application Jan 2017 All Construction

Link for septic application form:  Bldg Plbg Septic Application Jan 06

Fees for Building Permits (Schedule ‘A’ of By-law 40 of 2015)

New Buildings

New residential: additions, alterations, resulting in the creation of additional units:

Single Family:                                                     $400.00 plus $0.45/square foot
Duplex, semi-detached                                     $400.00 per unit, plus $0.45/square foot
Row, cluster, condominiums, apartments  $400.00 per unit,  plus $0.45/square foot

New Farm Buildings (and accessory structures)

$100.00/permit under 250 square feet
$300.00/permit under 250-750 square feet
$400.00/permit under 750-1,500 square feet
$600.00/permit over 1,500 square feet

New Commercial, Institutional or Industrial Additions 

Includes basements and storage areas        $100.00 plus $6.00/$1,000.00 of the estimated cost of construction

Solar Panels

A separate building permit is required for a solar panel where the face area is equal to or greater than 5 square meters.   $600.00

Wind Turnbines

A structure that supports a wind turbine generator having a rated output greater than 3kW.   $14,000


Alterations, renovations, addition to existing buildings and other buildings not named above:

$200.00 plus $6.00/$1000.00 of the estimated cost of construction

Building Relocation

For movement over municipal roads

Permit to move or relocate a building   $100.00 plus travelling costs incurred for inspection, prior to the movement of the building

Deposit required to move a building:     $1000.00 deposit (refundable) if approved by Road Superintendent.

Fee for moving building on Township Road:  $100.00 (non-refundable)

Deposit to ensure occupancy standards are met:   $7,500.00 deposit (refundable)

Note:  Alternation costs above are in addition to the building relocation costs.  Required insurance of $2,000,000.00

Demolition Permits

Residential dwelling or commercial                   $ 100.00

Other Permits

Swimming Pool fence:                                                $50.00
Commercial tents & temporary structures             $50.00
Change of Use permit                                                 $50.00

Note:  A permit is not required where the repair or alterations to any existing building does not exceed $1,000 in costs, unless, structural timbers are cut, existing stairways are closed or new stairways opened, exits from buildings are altered or steps, and/or concrete, brick or masonry walls are cut away.  Where no permit is required, all such repairs/alterations must comply with the intent of this by-law and satisfactory to the building inspector, unless written explanation is provided by the building inspector to obtain a permit.  A permit is NOT required for roofing, shingling, eavestroughing and soffit and facia.

All permits required for plumbing are issued and administrated by the County of Lambton.

For fees regarding water connections, please refer to municipal public utilities section.

Planning Services

Applications for land severance and minor variances are made to the Committee of Adjustment.  The Enniskillen Council acts as the Committee of Adjustment for the municipality.
The Committee of Adjustment meets as required.  The application fee for a consent/severance is $400.00 and $400.00 for a minor variance. Application forms are available at the municipal office or can be printed from the  “Mayor & Council Members” tab, drop down to the “Cttee of Adjustment”  on our website.  Thank you.

The County of Lambton provides planning advisory services to the municipality. The planner designated for Enniskillen can be contacted at:

County of Lambton
789 Broadway Street, Box 3000,
Wyoming, Ontario  N0N 1T0

Telephone: 519-845-0801
Toll free: 1-866-324-6912
Fax: 1-519-845-3817

Planner- Jarod Preston, BA

(519) 845-0801 x5333


Planning Fees  By-law 26 of 2015

Official Plan Amendment:  $1000.00 plus $600.00 County fee  Enniskillen Application for Official Plan Amendment

Zoning By-law Amendment:  $750.00 plus $400.00 County fee (including by-law passed pursuant to Section 34, 36, 37, 38) of the Planning Act, 1990 as amended).

Enniskillen Application for Amendment to Zoning BL 58 of 2015

Site Plan Approval:  $400.00 (pursuant to Section 41 of the Planning Act, 1990 as amended).

Application for Minor Variance: $400.00 (or other permission pursuant to Section 45 of the Planning Act, 1990, as amended). Enniskillen Minor Variance App July 2021

Application for Consent: $400.00 (pursuant to Section 52 of the Planning Act, 1990, as amended).  Enniskillen Consent App July 2021

Administrative Fee to be paid $250.00 (if severance is granted and all conditions have been met prior to the stamping of the deed).

Parks Fee: $1000.00 (pursuant to Section 42 of the Planning Act, 1990, as amended).

County of Lambton review fee: $75.00 (review of minor variance and severance applications for septic system requirements).

Application for Validation Certificate:  $300.00 (pursuant to Section 57 of the Planning Act, 1990, as amended)

Enniskillen Zoning By-law

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015

ZBA update November – Enniskillen

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 – Schedule A

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 – Schedule – Part 1    (Marthaville map area)

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 – Part 2 (Oil City map area)

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 – Part 3 (Rokeby Line map area)

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 – Appendix Map B (St Clair Region Conservation Area regulations)

Enniskillen Zoning By-law 2015 -Table A  (Zone regulations)

Enniskillen Official Plan

Enniskillen Official Plan 2015 update Sept 2019

Enniskillen Official Plan 2015 (August, 2015)





Official Plan Amendment Sheet

Enniskillen – Official Plan Amendment Sheet – as of Sept 2019

St. Clair Conservation Authority

The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority (SCRCA) staff provides written comments to municipalities on applications made under the Planning Act as part of the Provincial One-Window Plan Review Services.  These applications may include: official plans and zoning by-law amendments; plans of subdivisions; severances and minor variances.

For further information contact the authority at: 519-245-3710



To review board agendas and minutes follow the link at:

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