LivestockThrough tile drainage, Enniskillen has transformed into some of the finest farmland in the County of Lambton.  The cultivation of soybeans is the principal cash crop grown in the Township, followed by winter wheat and grain corn.  The 2001 Census indicates that there were 40,134 acres of soybeans planted that year in Enniskillen.

Although there has been a shift from livestock production into crop production, beef, hog, poultry and sheep are still an important part of the Township’s diversified economy.  The production of eggs, chickens and hogs continues to be concentrated into fewer but larger operations.  A barn capable of holding 70,000 laying hens was constructed on Rokeby Line 2004 by Krall Poultry Farms.  Sugar beets, a cash crop grown in the earlier part of the 20th century has been re-introduced into the Township, the beets are exported to the Michigan Sugar Co. located in Michigan (USA).  About 1500 acres of sugar beets were grown in 2004 in the northern concessions.

In 2004, with the availability of natural gas and the municipal water system, the Enniskillen Pepper Co. located on LaSalle Line east of the hamlet of Marthaville. A six acre hydroponic greenhouse was constructed. In 2008 the greenhouse was expanded to 13 acres.  The Township is the home of Podolinsky Equipment Limited, located on Petrolia Line at Forest Road, the John Deere equipment dealership is one of the largest farm equipment dealerships in Ontario.

Windover Nurseries Inc.  and garden centre, a well established nursery located on Petrolia Line west of the Town of Petrolia, has been a family business for the past ninety years.   The nursery produces quality stock grown on fertile clay loam soil, and boasts a large stock selection servicing the Lambton area.

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