All dogs over the age of 6 months old are to be licensed.

It is the responsibility of the owner of dog(s) to ensure that their pet is properly licensed . Each spring the Animal Control Officer visits households with the Township to sell dog tags.

Dog Tags

$ 20 for first male or female  dog
$ 30 for second male or female  dog     $50 for third male or female dog (BL 24 of 2011)

The total number of dogs owned by all of the persons comprising any one household within the limits of the municipality shall be restricted to three (3), provided that any dogs born on the property may be kept there for a period not exceeding 8 weeks after birth.  The restriction in numbers of dogs shall not apply to any licensed Dog Kennel within the Township. (BL 24 of 2011)

No person shall operate a kennel for dogs within the Township without first obtaining a kennel license.  A person wishing to obtain a kennel license shall be subject to an inspection by the animal control officer.  The animal control officer shall inspect the kennel prior to the issuance of a kennel license.  The animal control officer shall inspect the kennel and determine that the kennel is clean and sanitary, free of refuse of any kind so as to prevent the arising of odours there from and free of flies or vermin at all times.  (BL 24 of 2011)

The animal control officer shall take into consideration complaints received during the prior year of the operation of the kennel and husbandry practices for the housing of dogs in a kennel.  The animal control officer may establish conditions on the issuance of a kennel license.  The kennel inspection form is attached as Schedule ‘C’ to this by-law.  The animal control officer may inspect a kennel after the issuance of a kennel license where a complaint has been made concerning the operation and maintenance of the dog kennel.  The animal control officer shall notify a kennel license holder 48 hours prior to the inspection required for the issuance of a kennel license.  (BL 24 of 2011)

Appendix A outlines the fine schedule, as amended: Dog Licensing Part 1 Provincial Offences Act:

Failure to procure a dog license Section 3 $100.00
Failure to display a dog tag Section 3 $100.00
Dogs running at large Section 11 $100.00
Dogs damaging property Section 12 (IV) $100.00
Failure to remove excrement Section 14 $100.00
Misuse of Dog Tag Section 10 $100.00
Dogs Barking Section 13 $100.00
Operating Kennel with License Section 9 $100.00

(BL 24 of 2011)

Kennel License

$100 each year (dogs must be registered)

Kennel Inspection Form Dec 31-10

Contact Animal Control Officer

Jeff Dewhirst

Facebook Page: Animal Control for Enniskillen Township

For more information contact;




Livestock Valuator

The municipality appoints a livestock investigator to review livestock damage claims resulting from coyotes/wolves or dogs. The process is guided by the Livestock, Poultry and Honey Bee Protection Act.

Contact Livestock Investigator

Contact:  Earl Foster
RR 7, Alvinston, Ontario
N0N 1A0
Telephone 519-847-3488

Livestock Poundkeeper

The municipality appoints a livestock poundkeeper, who collects farm animals that stray unto neighbouring properties or public roadways.

Contact Livestock Poundkeeper

Contact: Earl Foster
RR 7, Alvinston, Ontario
N0N 1A0
Telephone 519-847-3488

Other Animals

The municipality does not provide services for the collection of cats or wild animals. The municipality disposes of  local wildlife that has been killed on Enniskillen Township roadways only.

Those who require help with removal of unwanted wildlife on their property may contact:

Nuisance Nabbers (private company)
Owner: Dale Cunningham
Telephone: 519-882-3360

Hunting License

The municipality issues Township hunting licenses for rabbits and pheasants under the Ministry of Natural Resource directives.  Township hunting  licenses are issued starting in the month of October and are valid until the end of February of the following year.

Resident of the Township              $   6.00
Non-Resident of the Township     $25.00

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