Oil City Cemetery

The Township operates the Oil City Cemetery which is located north of the hamlet of Oil City at 3294 Oil Heritage Road. For information on the purchase of lots please contact the municipal office.

Oil City Cemetery Sale of Interment Rights

Type Size Burial Rights Care & Maintenance Total
Adult/Child 8’x3′ $500 – Resident $250 $750
$600 – Non-resident $250 $850
(10% discount on 4 or more)
Cremation 18″x18″ $250 $100 $350
Scattering Rights $150 $50 $200
Transfer fee $50
Duplicate fee $25


Cemetery Manager Charges
Interment Fees $500
Winter Burial surchage Dec 1 – Apr 1 $200
Sunday burials ordered by Medical $100

Officer of Health

Rules for Visitors:

1.  Visitors are always welcome at the cemetery.  They are asked to remember to be respectful of the dead.

2.  The cemetery board is empowered and is required to preserve order and decorum in the cemetery.

3.  Vehicles are not allowed in the cemetery.

4.  ATV’s and snowmobiles are NOT permitted on the cemetery grounds.

5.  Picnics and parties are NOT permitted on the cemetery grounds.

6.  Rubbish shall not be thrown on roadways, lots or any part of the grounds.  A receptacle is provided on the grounds for the deposit of weeds, decayed flowers, plants, etc.

7.  Any person disturbing the quiet and order of te cemetery by noise or improper conduct or who violates these by-laws, will be expelled from the grounds.

8.  Any complaints by interment rights holders or visitors should be made to the cemetery operator.

Zion Cemetery

The Zion Cemetery is maintained and owned by the municipality.  This cemetery is inactive.  The cemetery is located at 3655 Churchill Line.

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