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Early settlers of Lambton County avoided Enniskillen Township as it was a forested swamp.  They settled in drier more accessible areas of the County.  Settlers were so scarce that in Enniskillen only 2,450 acres were occupied in 1846.  The settled areas were almost all located in naturally drained areas along Bear Creek or Black Creek or along the northern township line.

Beginning in 1871, and continuing for the next two decades, Enniskillen Council passed by-laws that made provisions for the cutting of ditches.  The councils of that day launched an extensive network of drainage projects where previous areas of swamp land existed, and would now enable agricultural settlement.

There are a very large number of municipal drains located within the municipality.  The municipality designates a “Drainage Superintendent” to ensure that work is completed on the various drainage projects approved by the municipal Council.  The drainage superintendent ensures that all administrative duties are carried out as required under the Drainage Act.

For questions, concerning drainage in your area or on your property, please contact the municipal office for assistance.

 Tile Loan Assistance

The municipality provides the opportunity for landowners to apply for tile loan assistance under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs tile loan program.  Under this program, the landowner may opt to have the tile loan payable on the municipal tax bill.  For further information, please contact the municipal office.

Road Infrastructure

The Enniskillen Township road system is comprised of gravel, high float and asphalt surfaced roads.  The County of Lambton maintains Lambton County Road No. 80, known as Courtright Line (formerly known as Provincial Highway 80) the two lane roadway runs across the center of the municipality east to west and serves as a major roadway to the St. Clair River and Chemical Valley.

Lambton County Road No. 21, is Oil Heritage Road (formerly known as Provincial Highway 21) the two lane roadway provides traffic through the center of the municipality and runs north and south, this highway connects the municipality to Provincial Highway 402, which is a major four lane roadway allowing direct access to trucks hauling goods and services to international/provincial/local destinations.  Another link to Provincial Highway 402 is that of County Road 26, Mandaumin Road which is the roadway that runs directly south to north and serves as the municipalities most westerly boundary/townline road.

Road Inventory

Gravel Roads- 118.19 kms

Asphalt Roads- 58.67 kms

High Float- 62.08 kms

Clay- 19.17 kms

Sewer/Water Services

The municipality operates a water distribution system that provides potable water.  The municipality maintains its own water distribution system along with a water reservoir north of the Village of Oil Springs. The municipality operates a pumping station in the Township of Brooke/Alvinston on LaSalle Line.   The watermain system branches out to neighbouring municipalities of St Clair, Sarnia, Plympton/Wyoming, Dawn/Euphemia and Brooke/Alvinston.  Water purchased from the Town of Petrolia is sold to the Village of Oil Springs and to the Township of Dawn/Euphemia.  The municipality meters all water sold to individuals and municipalities.

The hamlet of Oil City is serviced by a sanitary sewage system, with the sewage lagoon located to the west of the hamlet. The remainder of the residents in the municipality use private septic systems.

Applications for a new sewer connection or a private septic system, can be obtained by contacting the County of Lambton.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY (Township of Enniskillen, Drinking Water Quality Management System Operational Plan, January 2023 Version, as updated)

The Enniskillen Water Distribution System is committed to comply with all water legislative requirements and regulations to supply clean safe drinking water to meet the consumers’ requirements. The Enniskillen Water Distribution System is committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

The Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) Operational Plan is available upon request at the Municipal Office.

Sewer Rates Oil City

Oil City: New dwelling unit                 $500.00 connection rate plus all installation costs

New & existing dwelling unit rate         $ 32.50 per month/$130.00 per water bill  (effective May 2024 bill)

The rate  for Oil City sewer system is collected on the municipal water bill.  The water bill is sent out three times a year, the water bill is due at the end of February, June and October.

Water Rates

Application Fees for Water

Enniskillen Water Capital charge $100.00 application fee (deducted from the $6,800.00 connection fee)
New or Late Connection $6,800.00

plus $2,000.00 where a directional bore is required to provide service (BL 41 of 2019)

Extension of a waterline:  Cost determined by Council (BL 41 of 2019)

Capital Charges in municipality of Brooke- Alvinston
Petrolia Line @ Inwood Rd to Hwy 79/ Nauvoo Rd $7,875.00
Rokeby Line east of Little Ireland Rd $9,000.00
Shiloh Line from Inwood Rd to Forest Rd $9,750.00
Shiloh Line west of Sutorville by 150 meters $11,250.00
Petrolia L east of Nauvoo & N Nauvoo to LaSalleShut off water service $15,000.00
Disconnect or Reconnection of water service $50.00
Late Payment Charge 2% per month
Install remote water meter register time & material
Repair damaged meter time & material
 NSF Cheque Charge  $25.00
Meter check for accuracy at customers request
& meter found to be accurate time & material & testing costs
Special meter reading cost $50.00
No remote hooked up for water readings $50.00

Meter Cost:

¾ inch        $220.00 plus $55.00 backflow = $275.00
1 inch          $350.00 plus $100.00 backflow= $450.00
1 ½ inch     price charged at cost
2 inch          price charged at cost

2023 Water Rates for water used after January 15, 2023

Flat Administration Fee per billing period $55.50
Price/flat rate per cubic meter used $2.07/cubic meter*
LaSalle Pump System (hydro applied) to area serviced in Brooke-Alvinston Metered rate + 0.30/m3

Key Lock /Reservoir Usage Fee

$3.48/cubic meter
$25.00 refundable key deposit
$100.00 non-refundable fee

The water bill is sent out three times a year, the water bill is due at the end of February, June and October.

Municipality & Property Owner Responsibilities

The municipality is responsible to deliver water to the curb stop of each water connection.

The property owner is responsible for waterlines from the curb stop into the home or business and water used that is calculated by the water meter.

Township Policy

The owner must pay the water billed by the municipality.  The Township of Enniskillen does not provide rebates in cases of high water usage.  Water reading from the meter is the amount billed to the owner.


The winter season can be particularly harsh and extremely cold.  As a result, water pipes should be closely monitored for leaks.

An increase in consumption to a previous bill could be the result of extra usage, (water measured through the water meter).  If  you are concerned with the consumption/usage for a specific time period, you may want to first consider the following:

Do you have a leak?

High water consumption can sometimes be a result of internal plumbing issues/leaks within your home.  Even a small leak can result in a significant increase in water consumption and large increase to your bill.

If the cause of the leak is not obvious, you may want to contact a plumber to assist you in finding the leak.  It is the property owners responsibility to identify private plumbing issues within their home or business.

Do you have a toilet leaking?

If you hear water running continuously after a toilet is flushed, likely you have a leak.  Normally due to worn or misaligned parts.  It is also possible to have a silent toilet leak.  To test whether you have a toilet leak add food coloring to the toilet tank.  Don’t flush, wait 20 minutes. If the food color ends up in the toilet bowl, you will have a toilet leak.  The water loss from this type of leak can potentially waste up to 30 cubic meters of water per month, and add approximately $56.00 per month, or more to your bill.

Do you have an outside line going to the barn or shop?

Outside leaks can go undetected for a long period of time and may be running into a tile drain unnoticed.  Prior to winter, ensure outside taps not required, are shut off and drained to prevent waterlines freezing.

Payment of Water Bills

The public may either visit the township office to make payment of their water bill, or  leave it in a drop off  box in the mail slot located at the front door of the office.  Interac debit is available at the office or internet banking  services from your home computer.  The municipality does not accept payment by credit card.

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