2023 Dog Tag Sales

The Animal Control Officer or designate, will be starting to sell dog tags door to door starting February 10, 2023.  The dog tags are also available for purchase at the Municipal Office.

Dog tag fees:

$20.00 for one dog

$50.00 for two dogs

$100.00 for three dogs

Bylaw #24 of 2011 limits the number of dogs to 3 in one household.

All dog tag fees that are not paid by June 1st will be placed on the final tax bill.

A Rabies Clinic will be held in the spring. More information to follow.

Please contact the Municipal Office if you require any more information, during regular working hours

Office Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Phone # (519) 882-2490


Animal Control Officer: Jeff Dewhirst

Email: animalcontrolofficer101@gmail.com

Phone #: (519) 312-1322


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