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Waste Management

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Services for household garbage and recycling are provided to the municipality by:

Waste Management of Canada Corporation
219 Labrador Dr

Waterloo, Ontario N2K 4M8


The Petrolia Landfill is owned by Waste Management and is located at 4052 Oil Heritage Road.  The phone number for the landfill site is 519-882-3044.

The landfill site as of July 3, 2017 the landfill depot for Enniskillen residents has changed to the following hours:

Monday     7:30 am to noon

Wednesday     Noon to 5:00 pm

Friday     7:30 am to noon

Saturday     7:30 am to noon

The landfill will be closed on ALL Statutory Holidays.

Please be advised that acceptable recycled materials must be left loose to deposit into the recycle bin at the site.  Do not use black garbage bags as staff are unable to verify if items are recycled items and will contaminate the entire collection bin.  Thank you!

Enniskillen residents must be prepared to identify themselves and provide their landfill card (new resident card required as of Oct 2012) to place wastes in the dumpsters.  The municipality has hired a part time landfill monitor to check that “only residents of the municipality” are using the dumpsters for household waste and recyclables at the landfill site.

The dumpsters at the landfill site are only for the following:

Acceptable Wastes include: household wastes, sofas, chairs, dressers, mattresses, tables, lamps, pictures, shelving, patio and lawn furniture, children’s toys, gardening tools, as well as toilets or sinks.

Unacceptable Wastes include: windows, building materials, sheds, shingles, flooring, drywall, trim, bathtubs, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool liners, counter tops and yard wastes.

  • household wastes (in garbage bags) will be accepted in the garbage dumpsters.
  • recycled materials should be separated to their appropriate dumpster.  Please refer to the following list of items that may be recycled.
  • cardboard should be flattened to permit increased volumes of material into the recycling bin.

All other wastes will be subject to the current tippage fees charged by Waste Management.


The following items are accepted at the recycling depot at the Waste Management landfill site at Petrolia.  The following items are acceptable:

  • flattened cardboard
  • magazines
  • office paper
  • junk mail
  • phone books
  • paperboard
  • brown paper bags
  • newspapers
  • plastic contains # 1-7
  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans

Items Not Acceptable to Recycle

  • Household waste
  • window glass
  • wood
  • plant trays
  •  Styrofoam
  • plastic bags/wrap
  • drinking glasses
  • cups
  • dishes
  • glass cookware
  • ceramics
  • mirrors
  • light bulbs
  • garden hose
  • coat hangers
  • pots
  • pans
  • utensils
  • textiles
  • shoes
  • clothing
  • linen
  • lawn furniture.

Location: Waste Management site – 4052 Oil Heritage Road

White goods are not accepted at the landfill site.  Please call to make arrangements with the following local businesses:

Scott’s Auto Wreckers:                   5551 Petrolia Line   519-882-1607

Trijan Industries:                              1275 Plank Rd  519-337-3779

Curran Recycling                               536 McGregor Rd  519-332-0849

Transco Recycling                             387 McGregor Rd  519-332-4045


Since April, 2009, the Stewardship Ontario started to introduce alternative recycling systems for e-wastes.

Staples                                                     1379 London Rd, Sarnia  519-542-4461

(will accept computers, keyboards & monitors) for more information go to: www.staples.ca or email Rachel Swiednicki, Public Relations Specialist: rachel.swiednicki@staples.ca

Digital Friends                                     1121 Evett St, Sarnia  519-344-3334

(will accept, all electronics such as computers, monitors, keyboards, fax machines, TV’s etc) more information go to: www.digitalfriends.ca or email support@digitalfriends.ca

MEDICATIONS/PRESCRIPTION DRUGS & MEDICAL SHARPS (Do not take to landfill or dispose with household garbage)  Local pharmacies will safely dispose of these items.

For more information visit: www.healthsteward.ca


The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority’s (RPRA) provides a site that shows used tire collection sites that are registered with the RPRA.  To find a location near you follow:  https://rpra.ca/programs/tires/collectionsites