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Mayor & Council Members

 Township of Enniskillen Council  2018-2022

Kevin Marriott, Mayor

Home Phone 519-844-2307  Email kevin.marriott@county-lambton.on.ca 

Judy Krall, Deputy-Mayor

Home Phone  519-882-1055  Email  judithkrall64@gmail.com

Mary Lynne McCallum, Councillor

Home Phone 519-882-1087 Email mccallum@slicc.ca

Wally Van Dun, Councillor

Home Phone 226-402-3864  Email kwonthefarm@live.ca

Chad Burke, Councillor

Cell Phone 226-402-1647  Email  chad.am.burke@gmail.com


Administrative Staff

Administrator Clerk/Treasurer   Duncan McTavish,  Office Phone  519-882-2490  Email  dmctavish@enniskillen.ca

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer   Christine Poland,  Office Phone 519-882-2490 Email  cpoland@enniskillen.ca

Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC),  Christine Poland,  Office Phone 519-882-2490 Email   cpoland@enniskillen.ca

Administrative Assistant Kim Wilkins, Office Phone 519-882-2490  Email kwilkins@enniskillen.ca

Administrative Assistant Jennifer Anderson, Office Phone 519-882-2490 Email janderson@enniskillen.ca

Road Superintendent  Mike Cumming  Office Phone 519-882-2490  Email   mcumming@enniskillen.ca

Road Crew  Chris DenBoer, Kevin Webster, Bob Shea & Shane Wallis

Water Operations Jake VanDamme Phone 519-882-2490 Email jvandamme@enniskillen.ca


Ray Dobbin at R. Dobbin Engineering   Office Phone 519-882-0032

Email   ray@dobbineng.com

Regular Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Office closed on Statutory Holidays.


The Code of Conduct for Members of Enniskillen Council outlines the principles and rules of good conduct and ethics that Council or Local Board members are expected to demonstrate in the performance of their duties.

In accordance with Section 223 of the Municipal Act, 2001, the Township of  Enniskillen has the authority to appoint an Integrity Commissioner. The Integrity Commissioner has the power to assess and investigate complaints respecting alleged contraventions of the Code of Conduct or any policy, procedure or by-law adopted by Council.

The Integrity Commissioner reports to Council and is responsible for performing, in an independent manner, the following three duties:

  • Complaint Investigation;
  • Complaint Adjudication; and
  • Preparing and Presenting Reports to Council.

Individuals who have identified or witnessed behaviour or an action by a member of Council or a Local Board, in their capacity as members of Council or a Local Board for the Township of Enniskillen, that they believe is in contravention of the Code of Conduct, may address the matter through a complaint process outlined in the Code of Conduct for Members of Enniskillen Council

The Integrity Commissioner for the Township of Enniskillen is:

Robert J. Swayze, Barrister & Solicitor
Telephone: 519-942-0070
Fax: 519-942-1233

E-mail: robert.swayze39@gmail.com