Updates for 2018 Water Customers

Continue to monitor your water consumption patterns and be aware of the potential for leaks.  Outside leaks can go undetected for long periods of time and a running toilet may consume serveral cubic meters of water.  This can result in a large water bill.  Township policy does not provide reductions to water bills due to leaks.  The property owner is responsible for all water that is calculated by the water meter.

Please ensure that your water pipes and meter are protected from freezingThe property owner is responsible for all parts of the system on private property which is beyond the curb stop/shut off valve.

New 2018 Water Rates effective May 15, 2018

$1.81 per cubic meter

$45.50 Administration fee per billing

.30 cents per cubic meter for hydro for customers in the LaSalle pump station area

$80.00 sewer charge per billing for customers in Oil City

Water Bills due dates in 2018:  February 28, June 29 and October 31, 2018.

Notices for Water Meter Repairs

Notices are mailed after each reading cycle to customers requiring repairs or replacements of a water meter or remote.  If you receive a notice, please contact the municipal office at 519-882-2490 to make arrangements for the specified repair or replacement.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.




Request for Quotations: Grass Cutting

The Corporation of The Township of Enniskillen:  Request for Quotations:  Grass Cutting

The Council of the Township of Enniskillen will accept quotations for the cutting of grass at various municipal properties.

Proposals must be received at the municipal office by Noon, Monday, January 22, 2018.

The proposal forms are available at the municipal office.

Township of Enniskillen

4465 Rokeby Line,

RR 1, Petrolia, Ontario




Deer Safety Driving Tips

During this time of year is a very active time for deer.  Bucks chasing does across roads and highways.  Also, hunters often push deer into moving, which may cause deer to go across roads.  The period from early October and December, includes not only hunting season, but when crops are being harvested.  These activities may result in deer being displaced from their fields.

The fall months will bring a number of vehicle collisions with deer.  There have been reports already this year in our municipality of deer/vehicle collisions.

Deer are most often seen crossing roads in the evening and early morning, particularly at dusk and dawn.  As you drive during the deer traffic season, it is important that you prepare yourself by anticipating the problem and paying special attention to your surroundings.

Deer Safety Driving Tips

  • wear seat belts and drive at the posted speed limits;
  • drive with extreme caution during dusk and dawn which are high risk time periods;
  • be aware of deer crossing signs that are posted;
  • if you see one deer on a road or highway, expect that there will be more;
  • don’t rely on deer whistles and high-beam headlights to deter deer;
  • high beam lights will help to illuminate the eyes of deer to allow for maximum response time;
  • do not swerve your vehicle to avoid deer, it is important to maintain control of the vehicle;
  • avoid braking at impact, this does not preclude braking before impact;
  • report any deer-vehicle collisions to the local police authority;
  • stay alert, awake and sober!

Remember:  Deer are unpredictable, especially when frightened – drivers always need to stay alert!


Small Game Licences 2017-2018

The small game season for most small game and fur bearers have been streamlined across Ontario.  As a result, season opening dates will change slightly in many parts of Ontario.

The season dates are September 25, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

Enniskillen Township licenses are as follows:

Residents $6.00

Non-resident $25.00

Available at the municipal office at 4465 Rokeby Line, during regular office hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The licence will be issued only to those who attend the municipal office in person.

A township licence is required in addition to a provincial licence for hunting ring-necked pheasant, rabbits and hares in the Township of Enniskillen.

Please ensure you have a valid Ontario Outdoor Hunting card to obtain a township small game licence.

The new Provincial 2017 Hunting Regulations Summary is available on line by following: www.ontario.ca/hunting




Recycle Often and Recycle Right: Update clear bags only for recycling!

To residents of Enniskillen Township:  Please be advised that CLEAR ONLY plastic bags are to be used for recycling.  DO NOT USE BLACK bags for recycling, doing this could leave a load being termed contaminated, as employees cannot tell what is inside the bags.  Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Waste Management has provided information regarding items acceptable/unacceptable for recycling at the landfill depot for residents of Enniskillen Township.

For the information please follow:  Recycle Often Recycle Right




Landfill Depot Hours of Operation as of Monday, July 3, 2017

Effective Monday, July 3, 2017 the operational hours at the landfill depot for Enniskillen residents will be changing.

Please follow the link to review the depot hours of operation at: Enniskillen Landfill Operations July 2017

The landfill depot will be closed on all Statutory Holidays (2017-Closed Saturday, July 1, 2017, Open Monday, July 3, 2017)


Call Ontario 1 Call before you dig!

Before you begin installing fence, planting trees or excavating on your property call Ontario 1 Call for a FREE locate.

Ontario 1 Call at 1-800-400-2255


Provincial Offences Convictions now Collectible on Property Tax Rolls

The County of Lambton Provincial Offences Department has exercised their authority to have eligible defaulted, unpaid fines imposed by the Ontario Court of Justice (Provincial Offences Court) added to the tax rolls of municipalities for collection.

Examples include, but are not limited to, fines under the Highway Traffic Act, Liquor Licence Act, Smoke-Free Ontario Act, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, Trespass to Property Act and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

If this affects you directly, contact the Court Services Department at 1-800-387-2882 to discuss payment options.



My Community Notification Network (MyCNN) alert system

My Community Notification Network or MyCNN

My Community Notification Network is a local alerting system that contacts subscribers using multiple communications methods of their choice, such as telephones, cell phones, emails and texts.  As a subscriber, you can choose to receive notifications about events that affect your home, workplace, school and more.

Subscribers will receive alerts for tornado warnings, drinking water emergencies, shelter-in-place advisories and evacuation advisories.  As the system develops, subscribers will have the option to choose to receive notifications for other events such as road closures and municipal service disruptions.

There is no cost to subscribe – the CAER organization is funding the system and has made it available to all municipalities in Lambton County to use for local public alerting.  Alert messages will be sent by municipal, County or emergency officials.

Subscriber information is not managed by the CAER organization – information you provide will not be shared by municipal officials.  You can deactivate your account at any time by removing your contact information from your profile.

In order to receive MyCNN notifications, you will need to visit the CAER website and create an account.  Please note that all types of notifications may not be available for all municipalities.

To visit the CAER website, go to:  https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736721815#/login

If you have any further questions, or need assistance, contact:  Penny Phillips, CEMC, Township of Enniskillen at 519-882-2490