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High Park Farms Update December 7, 2018

We’re pleased to provide an update on High Park’s plans to develop enclosed veg houses at our facility.  These plans have been initiated in response to community feedback and action to further mitigate light from the facility.


In the growing process, plants go through two distinct phases: flower and veg.  The flower stage requires 12 hours of light per day and veg stage requires 17 hours of light.  While the greenhouse plants are in the veg state, they will be completely enclosed in the new veg houses.


The enclosed veg houses are scheduled to be operational spring 2019.  Design is currently underway and regulatory applications for the changes will follow prior to the commencement of construction.


We’re committed to our community and value the ongoing feedback and support.  We can always be reached at questions@highparkcompany.com




Ontario 511 winter driving update for provincial highways

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario have released information regarding Ontario 511 to help motorists during winter weather conditions.

Keeping Ontario’s highways as safe as possible during winter weather conditions is a top priority.  Winter is coming, and snow has already fallen in many parts of the province.  Before heading out, check Ontario 511 for local highway information and to track snowplows in your area.

Track My Plow is now available on Ontario 511, so drivers can track the location of snowplows and salt trucks.  Before the end of the year, the Ontario 511 website will also provide drivers with Waze publicly reported incidents, traffic jams and weather hazards.  Ontario 511 can be accessed via Twitter (@511 Ontario), phone dial (5-1-1) or website (ontario.ca/511).

With well over 1,100 pieces of winter maintenance equipment on provincial highways to help fight winter storms, drivers are reminded to give working snowplows plenty of room.

Remember to slow down and drive according to weather and road conditions.  Please be patient, stay well back and never pass a working snowplow. Drivers need to take their time and drive defensively when there is poor road conditions to reduce the risk of being in a collision.

High Park Farms Lighting Schedule LaSalle Line site

The Township of Enniskillen has been notified of the following statement from High Park Farms (LaSalle site).

High Park Farms lighting schedule is as follows:

Winter Season:  1 am to 6 pm

Summer Season:  4 am to 9 pm

High Park Farms is committed to the community and would like to hear from you.  Please contact the company at questions@highparkcompany.com


Public Notice from High Park Farms

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Statement from High Park Company:

High Park Farm’s (HPFs) odour control plan was reviewed and approved by Health Canada.  We are in the process of implementing a supplemental odour control plan in connection with licensing of additional zones within the existing greenhouse.  This plan was also reviewed and approved by Health Canada.


The supplement odour control plan includes a new and additional charcoal air filtration system, which will work in tandem with the odour cannons approved by Health Canada.  We have begun the first phase of installation and intend to have the entire system completely operational by January, 2019.


We value our community’s input and would like to hear from you.  We can be reached at: questions@highparkcompany.com



Township of Enniskillen requires an Equipment Operator

November 20, 2018


The Township of Enniskillen requires an Equipment Operator for the Roads Department.  Follow the link for job advertisement:  Twp of Enniskillen Equipment Operator ad

Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter by 12:00 pm (noon) Friday, December 14, 2018 addressed to:  Mike Cumming, Road Superintendent,

Email:  mcumming@enniskillen.ca


Township Hunting Licenses for Pheasants & Rabbits Notice

Sale of Hunting Licenses for Resident and Non-Resident are now available at the Township of Enniskillen municipal office.

Hunters must have a valid small game license and be present in person to obtain a Township license.

For more information follow the link:  ENN Notice to Hunters Sept2018


911 address signs

911 Address signs

Our Fire Departments have requested that residents check the visibility of 911 address signs. Vegetation growing around the signs will make it difficult to locate a property. It is important that police, fire and ambulance have the ability to clearly locate a property during an emergency. Please ensure that your sign is visible from the road.

If your 911 sign is no longer visible due to the condition of the sign please contact the Municipal Office at 519-882-2490 to arrange for the installation of a new sign.


Open Air Burning Notification/Application

During the spring time of year, many tree branches and brush piles accumulate in rural areas.  The Township of Enniskillen requires that if you do need to burn brush, wood, etc.,  you must contact the municipal office for an “Open Air Burning Notification/Application”. The applicant will be asked a few questions, regarding the date of the proposed burn and time of the proposed burn.  Burning is only allowed on farm premises and only between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.  All fires to be extinguished before dark.

According to a local news broadcast, an outside brush fire is to blame for a structure fire in a nearby municipality last evening.  The property owner lost a drive shed due to the building being fully engulfed in flames.  Please make sure that if you do obtain a burn permit, that you take care and control of the burn and have means of extinguisher available to control the burn (i.e. backhoe, tractor, shovel, extinguisher, etc)

Please contact the municipal office for further questions or information at 519-882-2490


Updates for 2018 Water Customers

Continue to monitor your water consumption patterns and be aware of the potential for leaks.  Outside leaks can go undetected for long periods of time and a running toilet may consume serveral cubic meters of water.  This can result in a large water bill.  Township policy does not provide reductions to water bills due to leaks.  The property owner is responsible for all water that is calculated by the water meter.

Please ensure that your water pipes and meter are protected from freezingThe property owner is responsible for all parts of the system on private property which is beyond the curb stop/shut off valve.

New 2018 Water Rates effective May 15, 2018

$1.81 per cubic meter

$45.50 Administration fee per billing

.30 cents per cubic meter for hydro for customers in the LaSalle pump station area

$80.00 sewer charge per billing for customers in Oil City (October 31, 2018 the new sewer charge will be $118.00)

Water Bills due dates in 2018:  February 28, June 29 and October 31, 2018.

Notices for Water Meter Repairs

Notices are mailed after each reading cycle to customers requiring repairs or replacements of a water meter or remote.  If you receive a notice, please contact the municipal office at 519-882-2490 to make arrangements for the specified repair or replacement.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.




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