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Township of Enniskillen Municipal Election Unofficial Nomination List

The following is an unofficial nomination list of candidates for the Township of Enniskillen municipal election:

Date                   Name                                           Position

May 1, 2018        Mat Roop                                       Trustee English Separate (St Clair District School Board)

June 5, 2018       Mary Lynne McCallum                Councillor

June 5, 2018       Pierre Lambert                             Trustee French Public (French Language Public School Board Conseil scolaire Viamonde-Area 8-Nomination)

June 26, 2018    Wally Van Dun                              Councillor

June 27, 2018    Judy Krall                                       Councillor

July 11, 2018      Kevin Marriott                               Mayor

July 17, 2018     Chad Burke                                     Councillor

July 16, 2018     Greg Agar                                        Trustee (Central Lambton English Public School Board)

July 20, 2018     Louis Guimond                              Trustee (French Separate School Board)

July 24, 2018    Emilie Sylvain-Lindsay                Trustee (French Separate School Board)

July 25, 2018      Sylvie C. Chmielewski                  Trustee (French Separate School Board)