Welcome to Enniskillen Township
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Welcome to the Township of Enniskillen

On behalf of the Council of the Township of Enniskillen, I would like to welcome you to our municipality, which is located in the heart of Lambton County, in the “great southwest” region of the Province of Ontario.

Almost 3,200 people call Enniskillen home in more than 1,100 households. The area is about 340 square kilometers or about 82,000 acres of highly productive farmland. There are two residental hamlets within the township, including Oil City and Marthaville.

Our municipality’s rich history began in the 1830’s. The township was named after the Earl of Enniskillen in Ireland by the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, Sir John Colborne. The Township was officially incorporated in 1855. However, it was the discovery of oil in 1858, that changed the course of Enniskillen Township’s history, making it the birthplace of oil in North America! Even today, more than 150 years later, many oil fields continue to produce “black gold” for the important petro-chemical industry of Lambton County.

Agriculture is not only the largest industry in the province, but also within the borders of Enniskillen. The major crops grown are soybeans, wheat and corn in addition to various livestock operations. The newest sector to emerge is the greenhouse industry. The largest crop is soybeans which is processed in two facilities in the province as well as exported to various Asian markets as food grade edible soybeans. Corn is grown not only for livestock feed, but also to supply the ethanol plant in nearby St. Clair Township.

As Mayor, I welcome you and willing to hear from you anytime with suggestions how we can continue to make Enniskillen a better place to live, work and play!

Kevin Marriott, Mayor

Township of Enniskillen

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County of Lambton has designated Courtright Line (Hwy 80) a Construction Zone. From:  the intersection of Courtright Line and Marthaville Road, in the Township of Enniskillen. To:       the intersection of Courtright Line and Waterworks Road, in the Township of St. Clair. The Construction Zone designation shall have a start date of Friday, June 7, 2019.    
St Clair Conservation issued a Flood Watch, Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Highlights: water levels elevated fast flowing water and slippery stream banks potential road closures. Numerous precipitation events in the past week, coupled with elevated water levels in the St Clair River and Lake St Clair, has resulted in the Sydenham River remaining high in Wallaceburg.  Winds from a westerly direction over the next 48 hours will have the potential to slow the flow of water out of Wallaceburg and contribute to the rise of water levels. The current forecast is calling for 15 mm of preepitation over the course…
Effective:  April 1, 2019 and lasting for 7-8 weeks (weather permitting). Location:  County Road 9 (Nauvoo Road) between Birnam Line and Brick Yard Line at Bear Creek. Description: Rehabilitation of the Bear Creek Bridge.  County Road 9 (Nauvoo Road) will be completely closed. Traffic Controls as follows: No through traffic permitted Local traffic will be permitted up to the construction zone Detour route will be posted to the east utilizing sections of County Road 22 (Egremont Road), County Road 79 (Arkona Road) and County Road 12 (Townsend Line)  
The Glencoe Animail Shelter has begun selling the 2019 Dog Tags.  They will begin the door-to-door sale of tags Tuesday, March 26, 2019. First dog tag costs $20.00.  Second dog tag costs $30.00. Only three dogs allowed per household.  Unless you qualify for a kennel license which costs $100.00. If you have any questions regarding the sale of dog tags, please contact the municipal office at 519-882-2490.  
Please be advised that the 2019 dates have been set for the annual Rabies Pet Vaccination Clinic.  Follow the link for information: Rabies Vaccination Pet Clinics 2019 If you require further information contact the municipal office at 519-882-2490.
Please follow the link provided for  2019 Household Hazardous Waste Depot Schedule hosted by the County of Lambton:  2019 Household Hazardous Waste Schedule (The last Saturday of the month from March to October, 2019 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm)
We’re pleased to provide an update on High Park’s plans to develop enclosed veg houses at our facility.  These plans have been initiated in response to community feedback and action to further mitigate light from the facility.   In the growing process, plants go through two distinct phases: flower and veg.  The flower stage requires 12 hours of light per day and veg stage requires 17 hours of light.  While the greenhouse plants are in the veg state, they will be completely enclosed in the new veg houses.   The enclosed veg houses are scheduled to be operational spring 2019. …
The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has partnered with Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app, to make it even easier for Ontario travelers to plan their journeys. Ontario 511 now publishes crowd-sourced information from Waze such as collisions, congestion, and driving hazards online at Ontario.ca/511.  This information, combined with ministry-reported data on road conditions, construction, closures, and forecast weather conditions, that will give people a more complete picture when planning their journey. Waze provides real-time, anonymous, user and app-generated incident and traffic information to its government partners through its Connected Citizen Program, in exchange, Ontario 511…
During the spring time of year, many tree branches and brush piles accumulate in rural areas.  The Township of Enniskillen requires that if you do need to burn brush, wood, etc.,  you must contact the municipal office for an “Open Air Burning Notification/Application”. The applicant will be asked a few questions, regarding the date of the proposed burn and time of the proposed burn.  Burning is only allowed on farm premises and only between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.  All fires to be extinguished before dark. According to a local news broadcast, an outside brush fire is…
Continue to monitor your water consumption patterns and be aware of the potential for leaks.  Outside leaks can go undetected for long periods of time and a running toilet may consume several cubic meters of water.  This can result in a large water bill.  Township policy does not provide reductions to water bills due to leaks.  The property owner is responsible for all water that is calculated by the water meter. Please ensure that your water pipes and meter are protected from freezing.  The property owner is responsible for all parts of the system on private property which is beyond…